Transferring data from the LDAP server to the Outlook® address book

You will be able to expand your address book using the estos MetaDirectory contact information with the help of the Microsoft Outlook® address book.

Setting up estos MetaDirectory with the MS-Outlook® Address Book

  • Select the Email Accounts item from the Tools menu.
  • Select Add a New Directory or Address Book.
  • Select Internet Directory Server (LDAP).
  • Enter the computer name where estos MetaDirectory has been installed and started.
  • No further information is necessary for login.
  • Click the Advanced Settings button.
  • Set the connection to 712 or to the port number that you set in the estos MetaDirectory setup in the connection details.
  • Click the Search tab page.
  • You will enter dc=meta or another LDAP node, which you have configured in the Database Management under Search Base in the search options.
  • Exit the dialog using the Ok button.
  • The LDAP connection will be configured using the Next and then the Done buttons.
  • In order for the new settings to apply, you need to restart Outlook®.

Accessing estos MetaDirectory using the MS-Outlook® Address Book

  • Make sure that the specified LDAP node contains data. You can view the stored contacts from the Database View or Database Search dialogs.
  • Select Address Book from the Tools menu.
  • Select your previously created directory entry from the Display Names From entry. The name of the entry will be the name of the computer that you previously entered during the setup of the LDAP directory.
  • Select Search from the Tools menu, in order to search estos MetaDirectory.
  • Enter the desired search parameter in the Search window that will now appear. Start the search using the Ok button.
  • If an entry is not found, check if contacts have been stored in the specified LDAP node corresponding to your search specification.
If you only want to use part of the contact data in Outlook® available in the LDAP server, configure a new LDAP node from the Database Management and select it for the Outlook® address book connection.

Version 4.0