Web Service Settings

Each web server directory is a web service. The data sources and options for the presentation of results will be configured there.

Enabling a Web Service
If the web service has been disabled, access to those pages will not be possible.

Using Data from LDAP Nodes
Define which LDAP server data should be provided for the web service. Some web services will require their own LDAP nodes, which will be named for the web service. You can configure them from Database Management.

Maximum Number of Results
The maximum number of results returned by a search.

Default Language
The language for processing the templates. The HTTP Accept Language setting will be used in the Automatic setting.

Handling Telephony Links
You can configure the syntax here if phone numbers are displayed as links in the templates.

Presence Status Integration
Indicates if presence information for the contact should be displayed. Specify the field in Database Field, which should be used for the determination of the presence information. Normally, this will be either the SIP Address or the Email Address field in the database.
Presence information can be displayed for estos UCServer and Microsoft® OCS/Lync® contacts.
To use estos UCServer's presence integration feature, estos RESTful Web Service must have been installed.
Either Microsoft® Communicator or estos ProCall must have been installed and started locally for the Microsoft® Presence Control system. The Microsoft® Presence Control system will only work with a current version of Microsoft® Internet Explorer®.
The URI (URL & web address) for RESTful Web Service, including "http://" or "https://", must be specified for estos UCServer presence integration.
This setting must be made for each web service.

The web server templates can be individually adjusted. You will find the templates in the wwwroot directory in the estos MetaDirectory installation directory. You will find additional information about the template elements on the Template Parser page.

Version 4.0