estos MetaDirectory has an integrated web server through which an intranet phone book can be provided. All employees can use the web-based search service of the estos MetaDirectory intranet phone book immediately with all popular browsers through central installation on a server. The search portal performs searches and displays the results. It provides all authorized persons with easy access to contact data, no matter where they are. If an Internet connection is available, even sales representatives, partners or customers are able to search for contact data quickly and without the need to install any software.

Use an altenative directory
An alternative directory may be specified for the content presented by the web server. If you want to specify an alternative directory, copy all data from the wwwroot directory to the estos MetaDirectory installation directory.

HTTP-header dialog
Marking the first checkbox en- or disables the HTTP-Header.
Clicking on a headers name or value opens the fields edit-mode. It can now be modified.
The header will only be send over HTTPS-connections if the TLS checkbox is set.
Clicking the <x>-button deletes the header.
Writing a header to the last line, generates a new empty line. Therefore you can always add new headers.
Recover defaults by pressing the default-button.

Changing HTTP-headers may cause that clients will not show up MetaDirectory web-pages. Changes should only be done in exceptional cases.

Restart server
Retsrts the MetaDirectory web-server.

Network interfaces
Presents a filtered view of network interfaces that belong to the web-server.

You will find further information to this topic in chapter Network interfaces.

Version 4.0