A Herold phone book will be required for using this interface. Please note that you will need a TwixTel network license.

The TwixTel installation path will normally be determined automatically. If this is not possible, please enter the path directly.

Copying the phone book database to the hard disk is highly recommended. If you leave the data on the CD, searches will take significantly more time.
The twxapi32.dll will access the TwixTel data. If you install TwixTel, the DLL appropriate for the database will automatically be copied, as long as the setup found a previous version of the DLL. The DLL will be copied to the System32 directory under the Windows® directory during the installation of estos MetaDirectory. If you subsequently install TwixTel, the DLL will be updated to the required version.
Even if you are already using a TwixTel installation, you will have to run the TwixTel setup again after running the estos MetaDirectory setup, in order to update the twxapi32.dll.

Version 4.0