Swisscom Directories

For use of the Swisscom Directories AG WebService accessdata like ServiceId, userid and password are needed.

You can order accessdata by following the link to directoriesDATA:

The phonebook "Swisscom Directories" is a webservice of Swisscom Directories AG. Therefore access for estos MetaDirectory to the internet is required.
You may order accessdata from Swisscom directories AG partners. Further information on:


The Swisscom-host responds to numbersearches for countries which are not licensed by the used Swisscom-account with an error (depending countrycode of the searched number: f.E.+43xxxxxxxxx: error 612, +49xxxxxxxxx: error 302).
To suppress such searches, you can select explicit countrycodes to search numbers for.
By checking France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany they will explicitly selected for numbersearch.
Further countrycodes may be entered in the textfield. OK-Button is only enabled input is valid.
Example: Only '+41 (Switzerland)' is checked. A search for +41123456789 will be proceeded, but not +49123456789.
If neither selection nor input is made, the numbersearch on Swisscom-phonebook is not limited.

Version 4.0