Replicator for Microsoft® CRM

Using Microsoft® CRM replicator requires the following components:
Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.0
Windows® Identity Foundation 3.5
Activate Windows® Identity Foundation 3.5 from the control panel underprograms and features, activate or deactivate windows-Features.

Please read the basic notes for setting up a replicator on the Replicator Wizard page.

Procedure for adding a Replicator

  1. Select the type of data source
    Choose the Microsoft® CRM database type.
  2. Enter the login information that should be used to access the data source:
    To get discovery service address and organization unique name, sign in to your CRM org and click Settings, Customization, Developer Resources.
    On Developer Resource page, find the discovery service address under Service Endpoints and organization unique name under Your Organization Information.
  3. Select a predefined Fetch XML-statement. You can define yourself a statement as well:
    Selecting the "Fetch XML" the field "Default Entity" gets enabled. XML-code can be entered now.
  4. Field Assignment: Which source fields will be copied to which LDAP fields
  5. Configure links to contact URL
    Use link to Microsoft® CRM Web Server for displaying contacts as contact URL.
    Use field "EntryID" as contact identifier.
    Use "open contact in CRM" as description for this contact URL.
  6. Datasource location settings
  7. Schedule replication plan
  8. Defining additional applications to be started
  9. Assigning a name to the new replicator

Version 4.0