Replicator for google contacts

For using Google contacts replicators, the following components are required:
Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.0
A valid Google user account.

Please read the basic notes for setting up a replicator on the Replicator Wizard page.

Procedure for adding a Replicator

  1. If you own an account on, login to the Google website.
  2. If not, create an account.
  3. Go there to the API Manager and create an OAuth-2.0-Client-ID.
  4. Save the newly created OAuth-2.0-Client-ID as .json-file on your computer.
  5. Create now a new replicator of type "Google Contacts".
  6. Press 'Client-ID' and choose the downloaded file.
  7. Press next. Your default-browser will open the first time with the OAuth-login sceen.
  8. Grant access and press next.
  9. Field Assignment: Which source fields will be copied to which LDAP fields
  10. Configure links to contact URL
  11. Datasource location settings
  12. Schedule replication plan
  13. Defining additional applications to be started
  14. Assigning a name to the new replicator

Version 4.0