Replicator for DATEV SDD

The installation of a DATEV Pro workstation including a master data service capable of running is required for using the DATEV SDD replicator.
DATEV manages communication connections in a dynamic list of Telephone Numbers, Email, Fax and Internet connections. MetaDirectory uses statically assigned field for this purpose. The order of communication connections is not preset in DATEV Pro. For that reason, the fields will be assigned as they appear.
If the communication connections for a DATEV recipient cannot be assigned to a MetaDirectory contact, an additional copy of the record will be created, which will contain the additional communication connection data.

Thereby, the MetaDirectory fields will be filled sequentially as follows:
Communication connections by phone: PhoneBusiness, PhoneBusiness2, PhoneHome, PhoneHome2, ISDNTelephoneNumber, CallbackTelephoneNumber, AssistantTelephoneNumber, PhoneMobile, CarTelephoneNumber, RadioTelephoneNumber, PagerTelephoneNumber and TTYTTDTelephoneNumber.
Communication connections by fax: FaxBusiness and FaxHome
Communication connections by email: EMail, EMail1 and EMail2
Communication connections by Internet: WebPageURL

Detailed information:

The communication connection records, including their comments, will also be stored in an XML structure in the Custom0 field, with the exceptions of the specifically assigned Default and Management fields, whose comments will be written in the Custom1 or Custom2 fields.

An example entry in the Custom0 field:


<field>telephoneNumber</field> <!-- LDAP Feldbezeichnung -->
<medium>1</medium> <!-- zB. f. KommunikationsMedium Telefon-->
<note>hier steht eine Notiz</note>

The phone number fields should also be correspondingly enabled in the Search Wizard through the sequential population of the contact's telephone numbers.

Please read the basic notes for setting up a replicator on the Replicator Wizard page.

Procedure for adding a Replicator

  1. Select the type of data source
    Select the DATEV SDD database type.
  2. Please enter the credentials which should be used to access the source database.
  3. Select Use Communication Connection Comments as the Name of the Contact Partner, if the contact should use the comment field's content instead of the Display Name for the recipient. Custom records will then be created for each communication connection, for which a comment is entered, and the comment will be copied to the Display Name field.
  4. If Accept Phone Numbers Marked as Default and Management for All Contact with a Contact Person has been selected, the fields marked as Default or Management will be copied to the PrimaryTelephone or CompanyMainTelephone fields.
    Note: If these phone numbers are sought, all of the records generated for the recipient will also appear in the result list.
    If you click Continue, the connection will be added to the master data service.
  5. Field Assignment: Which source fields will be copied to which LDAP fields
    This field assignment should not be changed.
  6. Configure links to contact URL
  7. Datasource location settings
  8. Schedule replication plan
  9. Defining additional applications to be started
  10. Assigning a name to the new replicator

Version 4.0