LDAP Servers

LDAP Servers

LDAP root password
The password entered here will be the password for the LDAP server. With this password, you will be able to view all of the LDAP server's data regardless of the passwords stored in the Database Management system. The user name needed for the password is Administrator.

Default DisplayName
If the DisplayName has not been explicitly set by the field assignment, a DisplayName consisting of Surname and Given Name or Given Name and Surname will be generated and imported to MetaDirectory during replication.
A DisplayName will also be generated according to this setting for non-replicated contacts, for example if such originate from telephone books. If a Given Name or Surname are not available, only the available component will be used as the DisplayName. If both fields are empty, the company name will be used as the DisplayName.

Include Pictures with Contacts
estos MetaDirectory can include pictures with the contact data. If you enable this option, the pictures for the contacts will be read from the source databases, or from a path configured in the replicator, and stored in the LDAP database during the replication process. They will subsequently be provided both through LDAP as well as from the integrated web server. The replicator for Active Directory® will import the "jpegPhoto" Active Directory® property (or "thumbnailPhoto", if "jpegPhoto" is not available). The export replicator for Active Directory® will store the contact picture in the "thumbnailPhoto" Active Directory® property.The picture data will not be verified.

Restart server
Restarts the LDAP-server of MetaDirectory. Verbundene This will disconnect all users.

Network interfaces
Presents a filtered view of the interfaces that belong to the LDAP-server.

You will find additional technical information about LDAP servers on the Network interfaces page.

Version 4.0