Setup for Office Communicator

Microsoft® Office Communicator can display web sites on a tab. MetaDirectory supplies a special template for this.

Web ServiceDefault


  1. Data Source
    Configure a Replicator or a Telephone Book.
  2. Web-Server
    Enable the Web Server.
  3. Web Service
    Configure the Web Service. Configure the LDAP node used by this web service from Database Management
  4. Communicator
    Follow the instructions from the Microsoft® Office Communications Server documentation to display the web pages in Communicator. Add the estos MetaDirectory URL, which contains the tab URLs to the XML file.
  5. Internet Explorer®
    Add the IP addresses or the DNS names for the estos MetaDirectory server to the list of trusted sites in the Internet Explorer® settings. Office Communicator will only allow URLs from trusted site for tabs.

XML File Example:


Version 4.0