Setup for Cisco CallManager

Cisco telephones in the 79xx series include an XML browser. There are two web services available, which can work with contacts in the telephone.

TypeAddress book with contact details
Web Serviceciscoaddress
TypePhone list with one phone number per name
Web serviceciscodirectory


  1. Data Source
    Configure a Replicator or a Telephone Book.
  2. Web-Server
    Enable the Web Server.
  3. Web Service
    Configure the Web Service. Configure the LDAP node used by this web service from Database Management
  4. CallManager
    Configure a Cisco IP phone service in the CallManager Administration under Features.
    Service NameMetaDirectory
    Service URL (Address book)http://metaserver/ciscoaddress/ciscosearch.xml?device=#DEVICENAME#
    Service URL (phone list)http://metaserver/ciscodirectory/ciscosearch.xml?device=#DEVICENAME#

Version 4.0