Setup for Special LDAP End Devices

If you are using a special LDAP application or end device, which does not immediately work with the default settings, several options are available for adjusting the server to this issue. Normally, this occurs when your LDAP system is searching for certain attributes that are not known to the LDAP server or waiting for certain attributes in the result that will not be supplied. The objectClasses expected by your application, but not supplied by estos MetaDirectory, may also be an additional problem.

Attribute assignment
Configuration files with the .termxml extension in the config/default under the installation directory are the starting point for making adjustments. You can set attribute assignments for the LDAP server attributes in these files. By default, estos MetaDirectory only knows the LDAP attributes stored in the schema. You can rename these attributes in the assignments.
If your LDAP application is searching for, or filtering, special attributes in estos MetaDirectory, you can assign these attributes to the attributes used by estos MetaDirectory. The attributes supplied can also be renamed.
The assignment file will be divided into three areas in the XML file:

  • QueryFilterMapping for the filter used by your system
  • QueryAttributeMapping for the attributes sought by your system
  • ResultAttributeMapping for the result attributes expected by your system

      <String Key="SAMAccountName">displayName</String>
      <String Key="SAMAccountName">displayName</String>
      <String Key="displayName">SAMAccountName</String>

The SAMAccountName transferred from you application will be assigned to the displayName for the request and the filter attributes, which will be used for searching and filtering. In turn, the displayName attribute will be assigned to SAMAccountName in the result.

Regular Expressions
The search filter values can be manipulated with the help of regular expressions. To do this, the assigned fields in the query filter must be extended by using the regsearch and regreplace attributes.

	<String Key="searchNumber" regsearch="^0(.*)" regreplace="$1">searchNumber</String>
With version estos MetaDirectory the modul for regular expressions has changed.
Therefore it is a need to replace the operators of attribute regreplace "\<num>" by "$<num>" and "&" by "$&".

This replacement is done automatically. The original file is saved with the .bak extension.

In this example, the leading zeroes will be removed for all LDAP requests for the searchNumber filter.

Adding ObjectClasses
You can assign additional object classes associated with the supplied contacts to the server in addition to manipulating the attribute assignments. You can also store them in the .termxml files.


The .termxml files will be re-read by estos MetaDirectory at runtime for changes. After any modification, they will have to recreate the connection from the Admin to the server so that the Admin will retrieve the changed settings from the server. They can immediately assign the new terminal profile to Database Management to a database node.

Version 4.0