Setup for Siemens OptiPoint Application Module

The Siemens OptiPoint Application Module supports the integration of an LDAP server as an address book. The Application Module and the OptiPoint phone must be configured for this.


  1. Data Source
    Configure a Replicator or a Telephone Book.
  2. LDAP-nodes
    Configure a new LDAP node named optipoint from the Database Management. Access to this node can occur using the BaseDN dc=optipoint. You can configure this LDAP node.
    Phone Number FormattingUnformatted
    End Device SupportOptiPoint Application Module
  3. Application Module
    The Application Module's LDAP browser must be configured using a file. This file contains a description of which attributes should be used. You will find details in the telephone's and the Application Module's Administration Manuals.
  4. OptiPoint phone
    The LDAP server and port must be set in the telephone's configuration.

You may use a text file with the following content:

optiPoint 410 LDAP TEMPLATE (V1)
SEARCHBASE "dc=optipoint"
SEARCHFILTER1 = "searchContact,Name oder Firma"
SEARCHFILTER3 = "department,Abteilung"
SEARCHATTRIB1 = "displayName,Name,0"
SEARCHATTRIB2 = "company,Firma,0"
SEARCHATTRIB3 = "department,Abteilung,0"
SEARCHATTRIB5 = "telephoneNumber,Telefon G,1"
SEARCHATTRIB6 = "otherTelephone,Telefon G2,1"
SEARCHATTRIB7 = "homephone,Telefon Pr,1"
SEARCHATTRIB8 = "mobile,Mobil,1"


Version 4.0