Locations will be used to format phonenumbers in the LDAP-node settings.

The location settings include all of the information necessary for formatting phone numbers and defining sorting sequences.

Each node will be assigned a location from the Advanced LDAP Node Settings in the Database Manager. This location will be used in the following cases:

Search for Phone Numbers
When searching an LDAP directory for phone numbers, the phone number will be converted into the international standard dialing format. By doing so, LDAP directories can be searched for phone numbers, even if they have not been stored in the international standard dialing format. For example: Germany is the location. Searching an LDAP directory for "searchNumber=0301234567" will find "+49301234567", because the phone number has been standardized for the location.

Formatting Phone Numbers in the Result
How the phone numbers in the search result will be formatted can be determined by the LDAP Node Properties. Thereby, the phone numbers can be selected (with the external code) or formatted with punctuation for readability.

Search Order in the Result
If a server-side sort control will be used for an LDAP search then the LDAP server will return the sorted results. Different sorting rules will be used depending on the language.

Version 4.0