Remark: This dialog is deactivated when usermanagement is disabled.

Accessrigths on LDAP-nodes for MetaDirectory users will be assigned over accessprofiles.

Any number of accessprofiles can be added. The <Add...>-button adds a new profile and opens the profile properties dialog.
The delete-button removes the selected profile. The "Default"-profile cannot be removed.
Doubleclick or the properties... button opens the profile properties dialog.

Accessprofile properties


    Each user is related exactly to one accessprofile. an accessprofile is related to any number of LDAP-nodes respectively datasources.
    An accessprofile is identified by its name.
    An accessprofile might have an description.
    Reading is allowed on activated accessprofiles. The symbol of deacticvated accessprofiles is gray.
    LDAP-nodes respectively datasources can be added or removed via drag&drop, or with the arrow-buttons as well. A user can read on every node assigned to an activated accessprofile.

Version 3.5