Web Servers

estos MetaDirectory has an integrated web server through which an intranet phone book can be provided. All employees can use the web-based search service of the estos MetaDirectory intranet phone book immediately with all popular browsers through central installation on a server. The search portal performs searches and displays the results. It provides all authorized persons with easy access to contact data, no matter where they are. If an Internet connection is available, even sales representatives, partners or customers are able to search for contact data quickly and without the need to install any software.

You can specify the IP addresses which the web server interface should use for connecting in addition to the port through which the web should be accessible. By default, connections to the web server will be attempted through ports 80, 8080 or 7303.

The web server can also be operated as a TLS server. By default, connections to the web server will be attempted through ports 443, 8081 or 7304.
You will need a certificate for server authentication for TLS See also Server Certificate.
A Professional License will be required for SSL mode.

Web Server Directory
An alternative directory may be specified for the content presented by the web server. If you want to specify an alternative directory, copy all data from the wwwroot directory to the estos MetaDirectory installation directory.

Web Services
Every directory on the web server is designated as a web service. Each Web Service may have its own configuration.

Version 3.5