KlickTel Server

A KlickTel server will be required for using this interface. It will provide the necessary interface for accessing the data.

The KlickTel telephone directory CDs sold in retail stores or supermarkets cannot be used.

Make sure you have enough licenses available for the KlickTel server. You will need one license per user.

The KlickTel server is an independent Windows service that will make the interface available over a network connection (TCP/IP). The KlickTel address server must have already been installed and started in order to establish this connection.

KlickTel Server (Host Name)
Enter the computer name or IP address for accessing the KlickTel server. If the KlickTel server has not been installed on the same computer, then enter 'localhost'.

TCP Port
Specify the TCP port that was configured in the KlickTel server (default: 5000).

Version 3.5