Replicator for Text & CSV Files

Please read the basic notes for setting up a replicator on the Replicator Wizard page.

Text or CSV (Comma Separated Values) files contain one dataset in each line. The fields of the dataset are separated with a separator (e.g. comma). A field may be enclosed by double quotes. The first line usually contains the names of the fields. Supported character sets include ASCII, UTF-8 and Unicode (UTF-16 LE). The character set will automatically be determined by the file's Byte Order Mark (BOM)+.

Procedure for Adding a Replicator

  1. Select the type of data source
    Select the Text/CSV File database type.
  2. Define login information to access the datasource
  3. Settings for the data source (Choose the file that will be imported, etc.)
    • Enter the path to the file
      Enter which Text or CSV file should be used.
    • File format
      Enter which field separator is used in the file.
    • First line contains field names
      This option should be on, if the first line in the file contains the names of the fields.
  4. Field Assignment: Which source fields will be copied to which LDAP fields
  5. Configure links to contact URL
  6. Datasource location settings
  7. Schedule replication plan
  8. Defining additional applications to be started
  9. Assigning a name to the new replicator

Version 3.5