Export Replicator for CSV Files

Please read the basic notes for setting up a replicator on the Replicator Wizard page.

Procedure for Adding a Replicator

  1. Select the type of data source
    Select the CSV Data database type.
  2. MetaDirectory Contacts.
    Which Contacts should be exported from MetaDirectory?
    Search Base
    Select the Search Base from which the contacts should be exported. To export all contacts, select dc=meta.
    You can specify an LDAP filter here, if you only want to export certain contacts. To export all contacts in the Search Base, use "(objectclass=contactperson)".
  3. Selecting the CSV File. To Which File should the Contacts be exported?
    Enter a file name to an existing path.
  4. Field assignment
    The CSV file schema has been pre-defined.
  5. Schedule replication plan
  6. Defining additional applications to be started
  7. Assigning a name to the new replicator

Version 3.5