Database Fields

estos MetaDirectory combines more than 61 pre-defined, and 20 freely usable, fields into a contact. You assign the source fields to the target fields while setting up a Replicator.

An individual name and an abbreviation can be given to each database field. This field name will subsequently be used everywhere in the Administrator and the web server. The abbreviated field name will be used, if the results of an LDAP query will be displayed on a telephony end device.
If the web server interface will be available in multiple languages, you will have to make adjustments in every language. Additional languages can be added at any time. When you want an additional language, ask our Support department.

The configuration can be modified directly in the list shown. Click the field you want to change.
Use the additional database field to save additional contact details in the database, such as: gender, expense accounts, building number, representative or similar information.

estos MetaDirectory uses the following field types:

  • Name field
  • Address field
  • Number field
  • Fax number field
  • Miscellaneous field

You can change the type directly in the list by clicking on the Field Type column.
All Number Field and Fax Number Field type fields will be formatted as phone numbers during replication.
The field types will also be used automatically by the Search Wizard with the Place Wildcard (*) automatically at the End of Keywords option.

Version 3.5