License Settings

You can use all of the estos MetaDirectory features over a trial period. Afterwards, you will have to purchases licenses, in order to be able to use certain features. The licenses can be combined in any manner desired, in order, for example, to allow more users to use a certain feature.

The trial period is limited to 45 days.

The features include the various Replicators for connecting to data sources as well individual core server components (such as the web server or Send Email feature). You can review which features are supported by the server through the administrator interface from the "License Settings" menu item.

MetaDirectory license
The Standard License includes import replicators, the LDAP server (TCP) and the web server (TCP).

MetaDirectory Professional License
The Professional License also includes export Replicators and the use of TLS with the web server.

MetaDirectory Enterprise License
The enterprise license enables estos MetaDirectory usermanagement. This is recommendable when different datasources should be provided to different users.

You can purchase licenses through our web shop at

Version 3.5