Setup for Snom (LDAP)

The Snom 300, 320, 360, 370, 820 and 870 telephones can access contacts through LDAP.


  1. Data Source
    Configure a Replicator or a Telephone Book.
  2. LDAP-nodes
    Configure a new LDAP node named Snom from the Database Management. Access to this node can occur using the BaseDN dc=snom. You can configure this LDAP node.
    Phone Number FormattingDialable
    Note the location settings for the telephone equipment.
    End Device SupportSnom
  3. Telephone
    Configure the LDAP access in the telephone's web configuration. You can configure access to the LDAP server from Setup / Advanced / LDAP.
    LDAP name filter:(|(searchContact=%))
    LDAP number filter:(|(searchNumber=%))
    Server addressSpecify the MetaDirectory IP address
    PortIndicate the MetaDirectory TCP port (Default 712)
    BaseSpecify the LDAP node which you have just configured (dc=snom)
    User Name
    Maximum hits50
    LDAP name attributes:cn sn displayName
    LDAP number attributes:telephoneNumber
    LDAP display name:%displayName
    Country dialing code:
    Regional dialing code:
    LDAP request for incoming call:To

Version 3.5