Setup for Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook can use an LDAP server as an address book. You can search this address book. It will be used for resolving email addresses.


  1. Data Source
    Configure a Replicator or a Telephone Book.
  2. LDAP-nodes
    You can use the dc=meta LDAP node. If you want to make individualized settings for the node, you can configure a new LDAP node from the Database Management.
    Phone Number FormattingUnformatted or legible
    End Device SupportDefault
  3. Outlook Configuration
    Open Tools / Account Settings / Address Books in Outlook. Add a new address book.
    Select the Internet directory service (LDAP)
    Server NameThe estos MetaDirectory Server's IP addresses or DNS names
    Server requires logonOptional
    Additional Settings / Connection / Connectionestos MetaDirectory Server's TCP port to (Default 712)
    Additional Settings / Search / Search BaseEnter the LDAP node DN (dc=meta)
    Additional Settings / Search / Enable SearchingEnabled

Version 3.5