Setup for Hipath 2000, 3000 and 5000

Siemens Hipath telephone equipment supports a telephone book on the telephone through LDAP.


  1. Data Source
    Configure a Replicator or a Telephone Book.
  2. LDAP-nodes
    Configure a new LDAP node named hipath from the Database Management. Access to this node can occur using the BaseDN dc=hipath. You can configure this LDAP node.
    Phone Number FormattingWithout formatting, internally abbreviated
    Note the location settings for the telephone equipment.
    End Device SupportHipath 2000, 3000 and 5000
  3. Phone System
    Configure the LDAP access from the Hipath 3000 Manager. You can configure access to the LDAP server from Settings / System Parameters / LDAP.
    LDAP Server IP AddressEnter the MetaDirectory IP address.
    LDAP Access Port NumberSpecify the MetaDirectory TCP port.
    Base DNSpecify the LDAP node that you just configured (dc=hipath).
    Search querydisplayName=$*
    Name result attributedisplayName
    Phone number result attributetelephoneNumber
    Sorting the search resultactive
    LDAP configuration codeThis is the external dialing code that should be used for making external calls (0 by default).
    LDAP phone number prefixLeave this field empty.

Version 3.5