LDAP Servers and Fields

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The document describes the known LDAP fields exported by the LDAP server of the estos MetaDirectory and provides basic information about the server's features. It provides a brief introduction to the various LDAP contact attributes, the mandatory LDAP fields, the structure of the LDAP server search request and ways to adapt your own replicator to estos MetaDirectory.

Known estos MetaDirectory LDAP Fields
Attribute Assignment for Phone Books
Search requests to estos MetaDirectory LDAP server:
estos MetaDirectory LDAP Server's Controls and Extensions
How to adapt your own replicator to estos MetaDirectory

Known estos MetaDirectory LDAP fields:

LDAP AttributeReadable Field Name
LDAP Structure Attributes
createTimestampCreation time of the LDAP elementGeneralized Time syntaxM
modifyTimestampModification time of the LDAP elementGeneralized Time syntaxM
creatorsNameThe name of the creator of this LDAP elementDistinguished Name syntaxO
modifiersNameThe name of the modifier of this LDAP elementDistinguished Name syntaxO
subschemaSubentryPath to the LDAP schema descriptionDistinguished Name syntaxM
attributeTypesDescription of the attributes in useDirectory String syntaxO
objectClassEntry typeOID syntaxO
objectClassesDescription of an objectClass attributeDirectory String syntaxM
nameName of the current entry. Same value as cn, ou or dc, depending on the elementDirectory String syntaxM
cnCommon name. Name of the current cnDirectory String syntaxO
ouOrganizational unit. Name of the current ouDirectory String syntaxO
dcDirectory context. Name of the current dcDirectory String syntaxO
namingContextsEntry points to the LDAP treeDistinguished Name syntaxO
defaultNamingContextDefault LDAP entry node dc=metaDirectory String syntaxO
metaVersionMetaDirectory Version e.g. String syntaxO
databaseDescriptionAdditional description used by CTI software products for opening contacts in the source database. The field will contain additional information in its ou for a database.Directory String syntaxO
distinguishedNameFully qualified path to the current element within the LDAP serverDistinguished Name syntaxM
supportedLDAPVersionSupported LDAP versions of the serverInteger syntaxO
supportedExtensionSupported extensions for this serverOID syntaxO
supportedControlSupported controls for this serverOID syntaxO
LDAP contact attributes
databaseNameName of the databaseDirectory String syntaxM
databaseTypeType of the source databaseInteger syntaxM
entryIDDBIdentifier for the type of source databaseDirectory String syntaxM
entryIDStoreSpecific information about the data sourceDirectory String syntaxM
entryIDUnique identifier for the record from the data sourceDirectory String syntaxM
cnCommon nameDirectory String syntaxM
displayNameDisplay nameDirectory String syntaxO
givenNameFirst nameDirectory String syntaxO
snLast nameDirectory String syntaxO
titleTitleDirectory String syntaxO
companyCompanyDirectory String syntaxO
departmentDepartmentDirectory String syntaxO
physicalDeliveryOfficeNameOffice room numberDirectory String syntaxO
streetAddressCompany street addressDirectory String syntaxO
postalCodeCompany ZIP codeDirectory String syntaxO
lCompany cityDirectory String syntaxO
stCompany stateDirectory String syntaxO
cCompany countryDirectory String syntaxO
privateAddressStreetPersonal street addressDirectory String syntaxO
privateAddressPostalCodePersonal ZIP codeDirectory String syntaxO
privateAddressCityPersonal cityDirectory String syntaxO
privateAddressStatePersonal stateDirectory String syntaxO
privateAddressCountryPersonal countryDirectory String syntaxO
otherAddressStreetMiscellaneous street addressDirectory String syntaxO
otherAddressPostalCodeMiscellaneous ZIP codeDirectory String syntaxO
otherAddressCityMiscellaneous cityDirectory String syntaxO
otherAddressStateMiscellaneous stateDirectory String syntaxO
otherAddressCountryMiscellaneous countryDirectory String syntaxO
mailEmailDirectory String syntaxO
mail2E-Mail 2Directory String syntaxO
mail3E-Mail 3Directory String syntaxO
sipAddressSIP addressDirectory String syntaxO
urlWeb page URLDirectory String syntaxO
telephoneNumberCompany phoneDirectory String syntaxO
otherTelephoneSecondary company phoneDirectory String syntaxO
telephoneNumberCompanyMainCompany main telephoneDirectory String syntaxO
telephoneAssistantAssistant's telephoneDirectory String syntaxO
homephoneHome phoneDirectory String syntaxO
otherHomePhoneSecondary home phoneDirectory String syntaxO
telephonePrimaryPrimary telephoneDirectory String syntaxO
cellCell phoneDirectory String syntaxO
telephoneCarCar telephoneDirectory String syntaxO
telephoneRadioRadio telephoneDirectory String syntaxO
pagerPager phone numberDirectory String syntaxO
telephoneCallbackCallback telephoneDirectory String syntaxO
telephoneISDNISDN telephoneDirectory String syntaxO
telephoneTTYTTDTTYTTD telephoneDirectory String syntaxO
facsimileTelephoneNumberCompany fax numberDirectory String syntaxO
otherFacsimileTelephoneNumberHome fax numberDirectory String syntaxO
customeridCustomer IDDirectory String syntaxO
directWebLinkDirect web linkDirectory String syntaxO
directOpenContactData for opening this contactDirectory String syntaxO
infoCommentDirectory String syntaxO
custom0Custom 0Directory String syntaxO
custom1Custom 1Directory String syntaxO
custom2Custom 2Directory String syntaxO
custom3Custom 3Directory String syntaxO
custom4Custom 4Directory String syntaxO
custom5Custom 5Directory String syntaxO
custom6Custom 6Directory String syntaxO
custom7Custom 7Directory String syntaxO
custom8Custom 8Directory String syntaxO
custom9Custom 9Directory String syntaxO
custom10Custom 10Directory String syntaxO
custom11Custom 11Directory String syntaxO
custom12Custom 12Directory String syntaxO
custom13Custom 13Directory String syntaxO
custom14Custom 14Directory String syntaxO
custom15Custom 15Directory String syntaxO
custom16Custom 16Directory String syntaxO
custom17Custom 17Directory String syntaxO
custom18Custom 18Directory String syntaxO
custom19Custom 19Directory String syntaxO
contactURLURL for editing the contactDirectory String syntaxO
contactURLDescriptionDescription for the contactURL linkDirectory String syntaxO
contactURL2Secondary URL for opening the contactDirectory String syntaxO
contactURLDescription2Description for the secondary contact URL linkDirectory String syntaxO
contactURL3Tertiary URL for opening the contactDirectory String syntaxO
contactURLDescription3Description for the tertiary contact URL linkDirectory String syntaxO
jpegPhotoBinary JPEG data for the contact pictureJPeg image syntaxO
imagePathURL for the contact pictureDirectory String syntaxO
sourceModifyTimeStampAny timestamp information about when the data was changed in the data sourceDirectory String syntaxO

Attribute assignments for phone books:
The following list shows the phonebook database entries matching the LDAP database entries. The address information will be copied to the company address fields regardless of whether the source entry is a business or a personal contact.

Phone book entryLegible LDAP field nameLDAP field
cnPrimary keyRecord id for the phonebook database or an artificially created record id
displayNameDisplay nameThis field value will be created while parsing the search results. You will not be able to search for this field value.
givenNameFirst nameGiven name, if available
snLast nameLast name if available
companyCompanyCompany, if available
streetAdressCompany street addressStreet address, if available
postalCodeCompany address ZIP codeZIP code, if available
lCompany city nameCity, if available
telephoneNumberCompany phoneCompany phone number, if available
otherTelephoneSecondary company phoneSecondary company phone number, if available
homePhoneHome phoneHome phone number, if available
otherhomePhoneSecondary home phoneSecondary home phone number, if available
facsimileTelephoneNumberCompany fax numberCompany fax number, if available
otherfacsimileTelephoneNumberHome fax numberHome fax number, if available
cellHome phoneCell phone number, if available

Search requests to estos MetaDirectory LDAP server:
The server can handle complex search requests to the backend LDAP databases. When searching databases created by replicators, you can search for any content within any field of the database. Searching phone books is subject to restrictions because search parameters sent to the phonebook APIs are limited. You cannot search phone books for display names, because the displayname field is being created while parsing the search results. Many LDAP database fields will not have any matching phone book database entry.

LDAP search requests, in general:
The search request parser can handle complex search requests. The LDAP backend knows the following comparison algorithms. Remember that phonebooks handle search requests differently and may not be able to find results to certain search requests.

Compare elementsupported / unsupported
substring filtersupported
approx. matchingunsupported
extensible matchingunsupported

Example search requests:

Search termResult
Contacts with the telephone number, "+49815136856177", in any of the fields: home phone, cell phone or pager.
Contacts with "Name" in any position in the LDAP fields: sn, displayName or company; AND the telephone number, "+49815136856177", in any of the fields: home phone, cell phone or pager.
This search request lets the estos MetaDirectory search for a contact in the fields setup using the Search Wizard. The wildcards will also be added to the search request according to the settings from the Search Wizard. Currently, the search result will NOT contain a searchContact element.
This search request lets the estos MetaDirectory search for a number in the fields setup using the Search Wizard. The wildcards will also be added to the search request according to the settings from the Search Wizard. Currently, the search result will NOT contain a searchNumber element.
This search request lets the estos MetaDirectory search for a contact in the fields setup using the Search Wizard. Wildcards will automatically not be added to the search request for searchIndividual.

Controls and Extensions of the estos MetaDirectory LDAP server:
The following controls and extensions are supported by the LDAP server:

ControlVirtual list view request2.16.840.1.113730.3.4.9
ControlVirtual list view response2.16.840.1.113730.3.4.10
ControlServer-side sort request1.2.840.113556.1.4.473
ControlServer-side sort response1.2.840.113556.1.4.474
ControlRequest to not search phone books1.
ControlRequest to search phone books only1.
ControlNotify client IP address1.
ControlDefine the phone number output format
  • 0Unformatted international standard dialing format
  • 1Unformatted international standard dialing, reduced internal numbers
  • 2Legible
  • 3Legible, reduced internal numbers
  • 4dialable
  • 5DIN5008:2005
  • 6DIN5008:2005, reduced internal numbers
  • 7Unformatted international standard dialing format, extensions punctuated using hyphens (-)
  • 8Unformatted international standard dialing format, extensions punctuated using hyphens (-), reduced internal numbers
ControlSearch for items marked as "deleted"

entryIDDB values of the estos MetaDirectory LDAP server:
The following list shows the list of known database types:

entryIDDBName or type
DB03Outlook / Exchange
DB05Lotus Notes
DB08Active Directory
DB12Abacus contacts
DB13Abacus addresses
DB14Microsoft CRM 1.2
DB16Phone books

EntryIDStorePhone book name
00000001KlickTel Server
00000002DasTelefonbuch Deutschland

DB17Steps Business Solutions
DB19Compact Datev EO
DB20Classic Datev EO
DB21Comfort Datev EO

databaseType values for the estos MetaDirectory LDAP server:
The following list shows the list of known database types:

databaseTypeName or type
1Act 2000
2Microsoft Outlook
3Microsoft Exchange
4Lotus Notes
7Active Directory
8Novell Directory
10Tobit David
11Compact Datev Eigenorganisation
12Classic Datev Eigenorganisation
13Comfort Datev Eigenorganisation
14Datev Eigenorganisation SDD>
15Microsoft CRM 1.2 contacts
16Microsoft CRM 1.2 accounts
18Steps Business Solutions
19DasTelefonbuch Deutschland
21KlickTel Server
22XML data
23Active Directory, outbound
24XML, outbound
25CSV, outbound
26Herold White Pages
27Herold Yellow Pages
1000Custom user replicator

How to adapt your own replicator to estos MetaDirectory:
To gain enough performance for replicating large contact archives, estos MetaDirectory does not support standard approaches to writing data to archives. Custom LDAP extensions allow you to push large quantities of contact data to the LDAP server. A software development kit describing how to use the custom extensions and how to write data to the LDAP archives has not yet been written.
Contact us to get detailed information about using the LDAP extensions.

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