The ixi-UMS Voice-Mail Server is essentially a voice mail box system with remote inquiry. However, it provides some additional interesting features which are not included in a traditional voice mailbox system:


·Quick message option which allows a caller to leave a message immediately by pressing the "0" while the announcement is playing


·Individual and personalized announcements. Individual announcements are completely determined by the user while a personalized announcement consists of a part that cannot be changed by the user and an individual part (e.g. the user name) that can be recorded by the user


·Supports 6 profiles


·Any number of announcements in different languages can be recorded per profile


·A call transfer destination may be specified per profile. Callers then have the option to to leave a message or to be transferred to a colleague


·Profiles can be switched automatically company-wide per working day, according to work/non-work hours


·The announcement language can either be selected automatically according to the caller address (country code in telephone number) or manually by voice menu


·You can choose to listen to unread/read voice mails and unread/read emails (which also includes faxes and SMS)


·Messages can be deleted or moved to a trash folder


·ixi-UMS Voice-Mail Server directly accesses your mailbox, this is why new messages are indicated and deleted messages disappear immediately


·The following properties of a message are read: Message type, date/time, sender address or name, subject and the body text


·The sender can be called back directly, provided that the sender address is a telephone number


·Messages can be forwarded by e-mail, fax, SMS or voice mail. An audio comment can be attached to the forwarded message


·Replies to messages can be sent


·Each user can specify a PIN to protect access to his voice mail box


·Security features: The access to the ixi-UMS voice-mailbox can be restricted to specific devices (e.g. office telephone or mobile phone). After a specified number of failed attempts to enter the PIN, the remote access to this mailbox is locked.


Version 6.70.1