With ixi-UMS Enterprise, faxes, SMS, text-to-speech messages and voice messages can be sent and/or are received.

What type of messages you can send and/or receive is set at the ixi-UMS Enterprise server. Also, how you receive the ixi-UMS messages and the possibility to send a ixi-UMS message depends on the setting of the ixi-UMS Enterprise server.

This information must be provided by your administrator.


In principle, the following variants are possible for accessing received ixi-UMS messages and sending the ixi-UMS messages:

§Sending via your mail client
§Delivery of the messages to your mail client
§Sending via the ixi-UMS SMTP client (part of ixi-UMS Client Tools)
§Delivery of the messages in the ixi-UMS Web Journal
§Combinations of the above. possibilities


Even if you send the ixi-UMS messages through your mail client, the ixi-UMS Client Tools may be are installed. The ixi-UMS Enterprise Client Tools extend the ixi-UMS Enterprise solution at the workplace to provide useful, convenient features for sending the different messages.


In this guide, you'll find information about all ways to send and receive ixi-UMS messages, as well as an explanation of all features of the ixi-UMS Client Tools.


Version 6.70.1