ixi-Framework is a set of applications necessary to install and run ixi-UMS Enterprise components. ixi-Framework must be installed on every computer at that you set up an ixi application.


Currently ixi-Framework setup consists of:


·Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4.39

The ixi applications expose part of their functionality via HTTP and therefore require a web server.


·Firebird Server Version 2.5.8

Some ixi applications need fast access to specific data (e. g. journal entries, job queue etc). For this purpose, the Firebird Database Server is installed.


·OpenLDAP Server Version 2.4.42 (optional)

OpenLDAP is used by ixi applications to store user data.


·ixi-UMS User Management (optional)

ixi-UMS User Management is a tool for the user administration, when the users are administered in the Open LDAP.

You can find instructions on this issue in the manuals of ixi-UMS Messaging Connector and ixi-UMS Enhanced Voice Package.


Version 6.70.1