You can use the ixi-UMS Information Mail to inform users about the needed information for sending and receiving ixi-UMS messages.




In the configuration you can define the content and the entered data. You can send the e-mail per user from the overview of user administration.




Please note that the availability and use of the ixi-UMS voice-mailbox will be sent in a separate "welcome message".


Define Content and informations

You must specify which information should be contained in the e-mail. Where this information should be read out, or which information the user is to receive, you specify separately.


General Content:

Select the content of the e-mail wich will be send to the users.


The first item depends on the user database.

- If you manage the users in the integrated ixi-UMS user management, the ixi-infomail can also be used to create the password. The ixi-infomail contains the user's e-mail address and the (newly generated) password.

- If the users are managed in Active Directory, only the user's e-mail address is added with a reference to the Windows password to be used.





ixi-UMS Number:

Select from which field the recipient number of the users should be read out.


Send messages with:

If a mailserver is available in the existing IT environment, the user can use the default e-mail client to send ixi-UMS messages.

If outgoing ixi-UMS messages are not sent via an existing mailserver, the ixi-UMS Client Tools can be installed at the workstations. These optionally provide the ixi-UMS SMTP client to send ixi-UMS messages directly to the ixi-UMS Business system.



For more information on the ixi-UMS Business Client Tools, please refer to the ixi-UMS Business Client Tools Installation Guide and the ixi-UMS user guide.


Receive messages with:

Depending on the connection to an e-mail system and the configuration of ixi-UMS Business, the user has different possibilities to access his received ixi-UMS messages and confirmations.

If the archiving of ixi-UMS messages is activated, users can access the ixi-UMS messages via the ixi-UMS Web Journal.


If you have set "Store ixi-UMS messages only locally", the users can only use the ixi-UMS Web Journal to access the ixi-UMS messages.


Further informationa are required for the sending and receiving of ixi-UMS messages.




Specify the types of ixi-UMS messages that users can send.


SMS and TTS messages can only be sent



This entry is only relevant if the ixi-UMS mail is sent via a mailserver.

The addressing is defined in the settings of the ixi-UMS Business system and must be entered accordingly in the mailserver.


If the ixi-UMS SMTP Client is used to send ixi-UMS messages, the addressing is fixed when installing the ixi-UMS Business Client Tools.







Depending on which applications are installed and set up on the ixi-UMS Business server, the users can attach documents to the e-mail when it is sent as a ixi-UMS fax message.


The processing of TXT and PDF files as well as the specified picture formats is contained in ixi-UMS Business.



Version SR3