Welcome Mail

If this function is activated, the welcome message will be generated and sent the first time you call the  ixi-UMS voice mailbox. Regardless of this setting, you can re-create and send the welcome message at any time in the User Management.


Note: The welcome mail are only sent, if you send e-mails to a mailserver.



The Welcome Mail informs the user about:


·The ixi-UMS number
It must be specified here, from which LDAP field the "Voice-mailbox phone number" for the Welcome Mail should be read out. If a "Shared voice mailbox number" is used, this must be entered in the Welcome Mail. See also the additional information Route by Redirection.

·The PIN for access by telephone
If the user already entered a PIN in the LDAP database, the PIN is read out and sent to the user. Otherwise, a new PIN is generated.

·The link to the ixi-UMS Voice-mailbox configuration
Through this website, users can set up the voice mailbox and record announcements. If the "Remote inquiry by telephone" authorization is activated, the required password for the login at the mail server can be entered here.

·The user guide for the voice mailbox.


If a welcome message is not sent, the default PIN 12345 is valid. You can also enter a PIN at the user in the user administration. The user can assign/change a PIN via the web page for the ixi-UMS voice mailbox configuration.


Version SR3