Configuration Summary

After the login, you are directed to the start page. Here you can get an overview of which profile is set and what you deposited in this profile. Therewith you can see at a glance which options are available to the caller.


At "Announcement Language" you can define the language of the announcement, let the caller determine the language or determine it on the basis of the sender number automatically. Please take care that you deposit an announcement text for the respective language.



Please define whether the caller shall hear your German or your English announcement.


All languages available are offered to the caller. By pressing the respective key he then can decide, which of the laguages offered he prefers.




In the next field, you can determine the Active Profile. When you entered an Off-hours Profile and this is enabled, it is displayed as "Active Profile". Yout then can only determine the profile, which is enabled during office hours. You must change the Off-hours Profile in the "Profile Management".


In the field "Login via telephone"it is indicated, whether the Login via phone is enabled for you.

You can also define your menu language and the language for the voice mailbox configuration interface.


At "Answer Phone Configuration" it is indicated, whether you deposited settings in the profile and if so, which ones.


Version SR3