TIF with Stripes



Fax messages created with the ixi-UMS Client Tools are sent as e-mail with TIF-file attachment and incoming fax messages are delivered to the mail client as TIF-attachment.

From Windows 7 on, TIF-files opened with the Windows-programs "Paint" and "Windows Photo Viewer" have stripes in the display. This is NOT an error with the creation of the TIF-files, but a display problem of the used program.

With the installation of MS Office 2010, these stripes are also visible with the Microsoft Office Picture Manager.



If you do not have another program to display TIF-files at your disposal, the "ixi-UMS Fax Viewer" provided by serVonic can be used.

At the installation, this tool is deposited at the installation directory of the ixi-UMS Client Tools at "Fax Viewer" and can be linked with the ending TIF in order to make use of it as default program for opening TIF-files.




This problem with the displaying has been confirmed by Microsoft in the KB-Artikel 2020067.

You can find a hotfix that solves this problem at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2459492



Version SR3