If problems occur with the function in ixi-UMS Business, some logs/traces can be created. You can evaluate most of the log files yourself. You can








the log files.

Exception: trace for fax / voice and SMS transmission

These files can not be deleted or viewed. They can only be downloaded as a ZIP package.




Trace for fax and voice transmission

This switch activates several trace/logs:

The Fax/Voice-Data transmission trace should only be activated if problems with the ISDN connection and/or on the advice of the company estos GmbH.

This switch activates several trace / logs:


file name


Fax/Voice-Data transmission


CAPI-Trace, Communication with PBX-System

voice transmission


Transfer of the voice data to / from the UMS system



Communication with SMS provider via HTTP


This is a trace, which can only be evaluated by specially trained personnel. If the evaluation is carried out by the company estos, a PBX configuration sheet, which has been filled out by the corresponding TK-technician, is absolutely necessary! In addition, only the problem should always be contained in the trace, that is, It should always only one call, fax etc. "getraced".

For VoIP connections please use the XCAPI trace.


For each channel, 4 log files are written. The first log file IFTRCx.txt is not overwritten after reaching 10 MB. The IFTRCxa.txt - IFTRCxc.txt files are created. When all files have reached the 10 MB, the files are overwritten, starting with the IFTRCxa.txt file.

The IFTRCx.txt is retained.


In the log for the voice transmission, the operations of the answering machine are logged between the CAPI and the ixi-UMS Business system. This trace is only relevant to estos employees.


The connections to the selected SMS provider and any problems that occur are logged in the SMS log.


LDAP Search

This Log is enabled by default.

LDAP queries are logged for the search and the search result for incoming and outgoing messages.


Connection to the mail server (SMTP)

SMTP communication errors between ixi-UMS Business and mailserver are logged.


Voice mailbox and ixi-UMS voice mailbox configuration

This log should only be activated in the event of an error.

In the log file  for the voice mailbox, all LDAP processes and user inputs as well as scripts are logged.


The log for the "Voice mailbox: Invalid PIN entered" is always written if an incorrect PIN is entered or the mailbox is blocked.


Notification (MWI)

The creation and dispatch of MWI messages is divided into 3 steps.

1.LDAP search for receiver settings:
IXI-UMS Mobile Notifier Express.log in the directory .. \ IXI-Framework \ Logs

2.Creation of the file:
ModMWI.log in the ixi-UMS Business \ ixi-UMS Kernel \ RConn \ logs directory

3.Send the MWI (through the ixi-UMS Business server service):
Displayed in the journal

These files can not be viewed here. They can only be downloaded as a ZIP package.



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