Querying and Processing Messages

In the main menu, you can choose which messages you want to query from your ixi-UMS Business voice box. Whether you are able to listen to your voice mails on the phone is adjusted at the server. Moreover, you must deposit your log-in data for the mail server, if necessary.


First of all, the latest messages are read to you with the following information:

oSending date

oSender number and address

oSubject of the message (Voice-, SMS-message and e-mail)

oContent of the message


The order in which the information is read to you is determined at the server.


If you do not want to listen to the sender information, you can skip them with *.


When messages (faxes, SMS, e-mails) are read to you, you can jump to the next paragraph by pressing the #- key.

While a message is read to you, you can jump to the next message by pressing "3".




The available options to choose are offered to you after every



The basically available options




·Call back the originator



are dependent of the settings at the server.


Only the available and possible options are offered to you.



Version SR1