Profile Management

You can configure your profiles here. In "Manage settings for profile" Choose the profile you want to configure.


Profile used during non-office hours

At the server, office hours are set from 8 am to 5 pm. Here you can enter the profile, which is active after the business hours.



If you have the necessary permission, you can determine your office hours yourself.


Profile used during breaks

The profile entered here is valid for breaks. To configure like the profile for non-office hours.


Own Telephone Number (Optional):

If this selection is not displayed, you can record your announcements via your office telephone. If you have allowed a change of the phone number at the server, you can enter another phone number at "Custom", e.g. your mobile phone number. When you now click "Record announcement", your mobile phone rings and you can record your announcement.


Answer Phone Configuration

When the option "Caller can leave a message" is enabled, the caller can leave a message. When the checkmark is removed, the connection is aborted after having played the announcement.


If you have enabled "Call transfer to", you can enter a phone number to that the caller shall be transferred.


You can either chosse the numbers for your mobile phone deposited at the server or determine own phone numbers for a call transfer at "Custom". This setting is optional and might not be available.


In addition to that, your announcement changes when a call comes in at your voice box when a call transfer is set up. The caller now has the following options: "Press 1 to leave a message, 2 to be forwarded to <number you defined>".

Optionally, you can record a description text. Then your announcement is played instead of the number you specified as a forwarding destination.


Announcements for this profile:

In this section, you can record, play, delete and save announcements for the selected profile.By clicking on the icon, you can enter the text for your announcement. That way you can always see, which announcement you recorded for which profile.

If the "Buttons" for the recording / the playing of an announcement are not displayed increased in color, no phone number is deposited at "Own Telephone Number". If you cannot enter an own phone number, please turn to your administrator.


Version SR1