Overview of Features

Regardless of the access type selected in the ixi-UMS Business, the web page for the ixi-UMS Voice-mailbox configuration is available. You can set up and manage all 6 profiles, as well as record the announcements.


Function of ixi-UMS Business Voice-Mailbox

·Quick Message Option: When the caller presses "0" while the announcement is played, he can leave a message immediately.

·The caller hears the announcement into opposed language or can select this by a  language menu (Optional).

·6 profiles (Work, Mobile, Home, Vacation, 2x cutom) are supported.

·The message left by the caller will be sent to your mailbox as an e-mail with a WAV attachment.

·You can play the WAV attachment by double-clicking on the PC or forward it as an e-mail to your phone and listen to it there.

·An announcement can deposited for every profile per language (default German and English).

·"Off-hours Profile": According to centrally fixed times, a profile can automatically be activated for every user company-wide. The times / days are fixed centrally or by user, the profile is determined centrally or by every user, too.

·Call transfers can be set per profile. Callers then can either leave a message or be forwarded to a colleague

·You can be informed about new voice-messages via MWI-status (where applicable) on the phone



Depending on ange of performance, the ixi-UMS Business provides the folloing additional features


Voice mailbox with configuration by phone

You can call your UMS number and log in using a PIN. Now you can set up the 6 profiles on the telephone and record new announcements.


Voice mailbox with configuration and remote inquiry by telephone

·You can also listen to your voice messages and e-mails from your inbox on the phone

·You can choose whether you want to listen to unread/read voice-messages od e-mails

·ixi-UMS Business directly accesses your mailbox. For this reason, new messages are indicated immediately and deleted messages are moved to the folder "Deleted ixi-UMS Business Messages".

·The following properties of a message are read: Kind of Message, Date/Time, Sender Address.

·The sender can be called back directly, provided that the sender address is a telephone number

·Messages can be forwarded as internal e-mail or voice-message. An audio-comment can be added to the forwarded message.


Security settings

oThe access on ixi-UMS Business Voice-mail box by phone is protected with a PIN. The administrator can furnish the office phone for the "Login on the phone without input PIN" / give a holiday. ixi-UMS Business Mobile inbox can be restricted to certain devices (e.g. the telephone at the office or the mobile phone).

oAfter 3 failed tries to enter the PIN, the remote inquiry to this mailbox is blocked.


Version SR1