Voice Mail to Phone

Important: Precondition is that your telephone number is administered in the Public Names and Address Book.


A voice mail has a wav-file as attachment. You can either double-click on the attachment and listen to the wav-file directly via loudspeaker, provided that your PC is equipped with a sound card and loudspeakers.


You also can send the voice-mail to your telephone by forwarding the message to your telephone

- as described in "Sending/Receiving Messages without ixi-UMS Client Tools" or

- by using ixi-UMS Button


Please select the voice mail you want to listen to and go to send ixi-UMS | Voice Mail to Phone.



A new Memo opens that contains the incoming voice mail.


The recipient address is already inserted accordingly.


You only have to press the button "Send". A few seconds later, your telephone rings and the message is played.


Version SR1