with your default mail client

Sending faxes and SMS is as simple as sending e-mails. You can even enter multiple recipients (e,g.to an e-mail-recipient and a faxnumber) and also anwer and forward the reciped message.

In order to distinguish the ixi-UMS Business system between the different message types (fax, voice, SMS), the desired service (fax, SMS, voice) must be specified in the "domain part". The examples show the default domain ixifax.com, ixisms.com, ixivoc.com.


Valid for all mail clients/mail systems

You create a new e-mail and write the text in the e-mail body. You can also attach a document (e.g. Word, PowerPoint or Excel). Now address the message accordingly and send it.



Regardless of the mail client and mail system, the addressing is always the same and depends on the domain specified by the administrator during installation.


Addressing of a fax:

Open a new memo and address it with <fax number>@<ixifax.com>







NOTE: Do not use any characters except numbers and "+" in the user's part (the part before the @)


The addressing of an SMS or a voice message differs only in the specification of the message type in the domain.






voice message


Text to Spech




The domain part <ixifax.com> could have been changed by your administrator. Please ask your administrator.


Optional: Additional addressing for Outlook with Microsoft Exchange

When an MS Exchange Server is applied, you can use the addressing as described bevor as well as the addressing portrayed in the following. Please ask your administrator.



Addressing of a fax:

Open a new e-mail and address it with [Fax:<fax number>]





Addressing of an SMS

[sms:<phone number>]




Addressing of a voice mail

[voc:<phone number>]





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