with ixi-UMS SMTP Client

If it is not possible to send the faxes via your existing mail client, the ixi-UMS SMTP Client (component of ixi-UMS Business Client Tools) was installed on your workstation. This is an "e-mail" which can be sent as a fax, SMS, TTS or voice message.


Before you use it, you must specify your e-mail address in the ixi-UMS Client Tools Settings. If you have not yet entered an e-mail address, it will be requested at the first start.


If a document is printed via the printer "ixi-UMS Fax" or pulled into the collection box, the ixi-UMS SMTP client opens.


You can also open the ixi-UMS SMTP Client from the Start menu at any time.



It always opens a new message, which you only have to address.

In the AN field, enter the recipient number.


Depending on the available services, you can optionally select whether the message should be sent as a fax, SMS, TTS or Voice.


Optionally, you can set the priority.


As with a normal e-mail, you can specify a subject and write a text to the e-mail body.




You can also attach a document only or in addition. Simply drag and drop the desired document into the "E-Mail".


Which documents (Word, PDF, Excel) you are allowed to send will be communicated to you by your administrator.


Version SR1