Start ixi-MailMergeFaxe

If you want to send the same fax to different recipients (e.g. a mailing), you can use the feature MailMergeFax. Sending mail merge faxes is very simple when you are already used to sending mail merges.

Mail merge faxes are documents you want to send to different recipients via fax. You do not have to insert every fax number and recipient name manually, but can use a data base for the sending of these mail merge faxes.


NOTE: During the creation of the mail merge fax, you have to insert data specified in a data base (similar to creating mail merges with MS Word). Due to this fact, it makes sense to create a data base with the appropriate data beforehand. Furthermore, it is important that the selected data sources contain the fax numbers of the recipients.


Proceed as in the following:


·Create the document you want to send as fax

·Proceed as with mail merges (selecting the data from a data base etc.)

·As with sending mail merges, you insert the address data that you want to appear in the document ("Insert Merge Field")





Having included all the data, click on the tab Add-In and select "Start ixi-MailMergeFax"






The following dialog appears:



Here, you must specify the field which contains the fax number. Optionally, you can enter a name for the fax message.

The name appears in the Mail-Subject and sending reports so that you can assign the reports to a particular mailing, e.g. "Workshop".


Moreover, you can enter an additional field which also appears in the "Subject"-field of the sending reports an E-Mail.





Now you can either start the mail merge or go to "Options" and the following dialog appears:




Here you can restrict the number of records in the data source used for the mail merge faxes


e.g. if you want to send 1000 mail merge faxes, you could divide the records into two parts of 500 each:

"Use only records from 1 to 500" in the first step and "

Use only records from 501 to 1000 in the second step.




If you mark "Override priorities in data source", you can change the priority with which the faxes are sent. If you mark "Low", the faxes are sent within a predefined time frame, e.g. between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. (this time frame must be specified by your administrator).


Version SR1