Send to Telephone

A voice mail has a wav-file attached to the e-mail message.

You can either double-click on the attachment and use the media player for listening to the message or listen to it via your telephone.




When your PC is not equipped with a sound card or loudspeakers or you want to listen to your voice mails on the phone discretely, you can do that by sending the message to your telephone.


You can forward the e-mail to the adress: <your DDI> Please see also Sending ixi-UMS messages - with your default mail client

If the ixi-UMS Outlook add-in is installed, you can forward the e-mail over the "Send to telephone" selection.

In this case, you must define your phone extension in the settings.


First of all, you have to select the respective voice mail

·Click the Tab Add-Ins and select "Send to telephone"




You now can listen to the voice mail on your telephone


Version SR1