Transferring Fax Print Jobs via Control Characters in the Text

The ixi-UMS PS-printer can read out the fax number and the subject from the document to be printed and can transfer it to the mail client, together with the printed document. This way, a fax is addressed and sent automatically.


Some applications transfer the call number and maybe the subject of a fax in the document as text.

In this case, the following entries must be contained in the text:


@@FAX: <fax number>@@ @@Betreff: <optional entry of a mail subject>@@



Depending on the configuration, other control characters can be valid as well. Please ask your system administrator which syntax is valid for you.



1.This entry can also be multiline.

@@FAX <fax number>@@

@@Betreff: <optional entry of a mail subject>@@

2.The entries do not have to be visible.

 In order that the recipient does not see these entries, they should always be in white.

3.The prefixes are case sensitive.

4.The data cannot be recognized in any font.

 The entry of the data and prefixes should be formatted in font Arial, Helvetica or Courier.


When the document is printed on the ixi-UMS PS, it is automatically sent via the mail client. The fax can be inspected at "Sent Items".





If you type in the parameters into a document yourself in order to transfer the fax number automatically, problems may occur with some versions of Word when you want to correct anything.

If you typed in the word "Fax" incorrectly, for example, and want to correct this, this parameter may not be analyzed.

If this effect emerges, please delete the whole line and enter everything again.



By the handing over to the mail client umlauts (e.g. ä,ö) from the field "Reference" will not properly hand over. The contents of the Faxes are not concerned by it.


Version SR1