in your default mail client

Unabhängig von Ihrem Mail Client werden Ihnen eingehende ixi-UMS Nachrichten und Rückmeldungen als E-Mail zugestellt. Depending on the functions set up on the ixi-UMS Business server, the body text in the e-mail body can be displayed in color as HTML or in black / white as "plain text" werden.


Incoming ixi-UMS messages and transmission reports converted into an e-mail and is sent to your mailbox.


Incomming/reveived ixi-UMS messages

In the case of an incoming / received <% IXI-UMS%> message, the number of the sender is indicated in the "From" field.

As with any other e-mail, you can forward or reply to it (assuming the sender is sending the correct information).



The type of message is specified in the subject

Fax from, Voice message from or SMS from

Depending on the functions set up on the <% PRODUCTNAME%> server, the number or address information of the sender is specified.


In the e-mail body, you will receive all relevant data for this transmission (report).

If the message is an reveived SMS , the text is displayed in the mail body.

Optionally, additional sender information may be present in a second block


A voice message is delivered as a .wav file and a fax message as an Tif and / or PDF attachment.


Transmission reports

The transmission report is created by the ixi-UMS Business and always has the same sender specified by the administrator.



In the subject is already indicated whether the message was sent or not


You can get detailed information about the transmission in the e-mail body.



Depending on setting in the server, the sent/not sent fax will be attached or not.




Version SR1