Create ixi-AutoFax

Create your Word-document. The fax number to which the document is sent has to be included in the document and must be in the following format: Fax: +49814247993422 (as a predefined syntax is needed for the tracking of the fax number).

Note: The specification must not be in a table!





Click on the tab Add-In and select "Create ixi-AutoFax"


The document is printed via the ixi-UMS fax printer driver and sent  sent via your default e-mail client or the <% IXI-UMS%> SMTP client to the fax number contained in the document.


Depending on how you set the behavior of the ixi-UMS Business Client Tools in the settings, the message is sent directly or a new e-mail is opened.


If you are using your standard mail client to send, you can view the sent document under "Sent Items".


Note: If you have more than one fax number included in the document, the fax number you want to send the document to must be the first in the document!



Version SR1