Allowed File Extensions

Next, a list of the allowed file extensions can be stored in the <ixi-UMS Business Client Tools and the services offered can be selected.


Allowed File Extensions

It is determined therewith which attachments are allowed to be sent via the CollectBox or ixi-UMS SMTP Client


The setting can optionally be stored in the "Prnd.ini" in the user profile at

C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\Application Data\estos\ixi-UMS ClientTools

or in a separate file "IXICliFileExtFilter.ini" in the Windows installation directory.



This setting is stored in the respective file in the section UMS.

The file extensions are delimited by ; (see screenshot above).





After having changed and stored manually, the Prnd.exe has to be restarted. For this, the Prnd.exe in the task manager has to be stopped and restarted via Start - Programs - ixi-UMS Client Tools.


Select services

Select which services are offered to the user to send the ixi-UMS messages in the collection box and the ixi-UMS SMTP client.


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