Settings for snom telephones

For the correct operation of the telephones at uaCSTA Server for SIP Phones, certain settings must be made in the telephone. Please consult the product documentation provided by the manufacturer together with the settings described here. The settings described here refer to a specific firmware version and may change during the course of further development. This information may therefore not be complete for the firmware that you use.

Telephones from the snom manufacturer can also be conveniently provisioned via uaCSTA Server for SIP Phones Administrator via the interface. For this purpose, open the Manage telephones dialog under Telephones.

Settings for a snom821 - Firmware Version - February 2017

  • Open the web page of the telephone.
  • Look for an identity that was not previously used, identity 12 in our example.
  • Make the following settings:
  • Setup - Identity 12 - Login:
    • Identity active: An
    • Displayed Name: uaCSTA
    • Username: MAC address of the telephone Example: 000413AABBCC
    • Password: The password saved in uaCSTA Server for SIP Phones Administrator under Telephone connection
    • Registrar: DNS-Name or IP address of the telephone interface in uaCSTA Server for SIP Phones. Example:
    • Outbound Proxy: DNS-Name or IP address of the telephone interface in uaCSTA Server for SIP Phones followed by a port that may differ from the SIP standard and ;transport=TLS, Example:;transport=TCP
    • Hidden identity: An
  • Setup - Identity 12 - SIP:
    • Validity range: 300
  • Setup - Advanced - QoS/Security:
    • Allow control via CSTA: An
Under settings, check whether csta_legacy_control is set to at least 3. If csta_legacy_control has a lower value, you must enter the following URL in the browser. This setting cannot be configured via the Web interface.

Version 5.0