The list will display the lines currently offered by the TAPI driver. You can comfortably accept the lines offered by uaCSTA Server for SIP Phones from Scan Lines. If you know the MAC address for the telephone and the settings for the identity to be monitored (user name and registrar) then the lines could be added manually. One TAPI line will be offered per telephone or per identity depending on the settings in the Advanced Options dialog. This setting is predominantly relevant when you have configured more than one identity for the telephones. The identities will be shown as addresses when one line should be offered for each telephone. Otherwise, a different line will be provided for each identity.

Phone Number
If the numbers of identities are not in international (E.164) format available (eg +493012345123) they can be completed over the site configuration.


  • Scan available lines...
    You can scan the lines provided from uaCSTA Server for SIP Phones. A one-to-one depiction of the server lines will be downloaded to the client for this. Lines that have been deleted from the server will be deleted by performing the scan.
  • Export Text...
    Export the current line configuration for the driver as a text file.
  • Import text...
    You can import a line list that was created previously.

After the installation of the driver it may be necessary to restart the computer.

Version 5.0