UC Booster Platforms

The OpenScape Business line of telephone systems does not provide its own CSTA interface. This interface will be provided by a middleware solution as hardware for integration into a telephone system and as software. The hardware middleware is marketed by Unify under the name OpenScape Business UC Booster Card; the software under the name OpenScape Business UC Booster Server. Both systems will be referred to as the UC Booster Platform in the following information, because the choice of system does not make a technical difference. The OpenScape Business S line is a software telephone system that has already integrated the necessary interface.

If you need to integrate a cluster of OpenScape Business pbx systems you will need only one booster platform at the master node. Please take care about the total amount of users. (Maximum of 150 with an OpenScape Business UC Booster Card).

Configuration and Connection of the UC Booster Platforms

In general, please refer to the documents provided by Unify for the respective products for advice. You will find the documents both in the OpenScape Business Telephone System under Service Center / Download Center, as well as at the Unify partner portal. The following instructions show the steps necessary for installation and configuration in a summary form.

OpenScape Business UC Booster Server
OpenScape Business UC Booster Card
Integrating UC Booster Platform with the OpenScape Business System

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