Open numbering scheme

In a network of multiple telephone systems, the open numbering service feature can be activated and a base phone number can be set (HiPath Manager - System Parameters - Flags, or Web Interface - Expert - Basic Settings - System Flags - Open Numbering Scheme).

In this case, the following issues must be taken into consideration:

All phone number extensions will be prefixed with the base phone number for the telephone system. If the base phone number is '6' and the extension is '130', the result will be '6130'.

Setting a root phone number for the lines is recommended. To do this, enter the range of extensions with the base phone number for the member parameter from Advanced Settings. If the extensions are 100 - 350 and the node phone number is 6, the result will then be 6100 to 6350.

The extensions can also be set up without a base phone number. In this case, the setting may designate that the phone numbers reported by ECSTA will appear without the base phone number. You will find this setting at Advanced Settings. If the base phone number has been entered there, it will be deleted from all internal phone numbers registered with the telephone system.

Version 5.0