Configure telephone system

Several telephones with the identical phone number
The telephone system supports the parallel connection of several telephones with identical phone numbers. Control of single telephones must be distinguishable. A device ID is required for this. If no device IDs are configured, only one of the telephones with an identical phone number can be controlled.

Device ID
The Device ID configuration is located in the PBX settings under Configurator - Telephony - Extended - Device ID.
All multiple occurring phone numbers must obtain a device-ID. Only then are they usable from the PC.
Example of sensible device ID assignment: The call number 33 is assigned to three terminals. Terminal 1 receives the device ID 3301, terminal 2 the ID 3302 and terminal 3 the ID 3303.

CSTA Licenses
An OpenCSTA 100 license is required in the telephone system. This license can be activated as a demo license in the system.
The license settings in the configuration of the telephone system can be found under configurator - System - Licenses.

Version 5.0